You can download SQLOPS from for free. Our quickstart documents are ready for you to start using it right after installing it : To use with your SQL Server : To use with your Azure SQL DB : To use with your Azure SQL DWH : P.S. : SQLOPS is currently in “Preview”.

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So far, you would need to create ADF pipelines, activities etc. to implement ETL tasks on Azure. But If you are SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) fun like me and want to use SSIS packages on Azure, you would need to run your SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages on your own SQL Server running […]

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6 Mart 2017’den itibaren Microsoft Türkiye DX ekibindeki Azure Technical Evangelist rolümden ayrılıyorum. Bir önceki ekibimde Microsoft Support SQL Developer Support Escalation Engineer olarak çalışmaya devam edeceğim. As of March 6th, I’m leaving Microsoft Turkey DX team. I will continue working as SQL Developer Support Escalation Engineer in Microsoft Support, my previous role. As a […]

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