Microsoft Navision has its own nice Business Analytics (BA) Configurator tool to create scheduled operations. The technology used under the covers for this scheduled operations are our SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) runtime. Actually if you’re familiar with SSIS, you should noticed that the generated .dtsx file actualy is an SSIS package. One of our […]

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In your SSIS packages, if you need to read from or write to Oracle likely that you most probably hit some Oracle Client related configuration issues. ORACLE_HOME, PATH environmental variables etc. Sometimes you may see a machine needs to run SSIS packages and you see that an Oracle Client is installed but you don’t know […]

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As you know an SSIS package is an XML content regardless if you’re storing your SSIS package in file system (as a .dtsx file) or storing your SSIS package in MSDB (then your XML content inserted into sysdtspackages or sysdtspackages90 tables in MSDB) Of course this XML content has its own schema and the SSIS […]

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  Why the breakpoints that I set in my “Script Task” (not “Script Component” in the Data Flow *) never hits ? On a Windows 2008 x64 machine, you’re running SQL Server 2008 x64. Let’s say you added a single “Script Task”; you wrote a very simple MessageBox.Show(“Hello World”); line and put a breakpoint to […]

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When you read the title, I’m pretty sure that you asked “Why do I need to do this web service consuming things in a Script Task although I can use ready-to-use Web Service Task ?”. Well… I faced issues for some scenarios that you will need to consume the web service in a Script Task […]

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One of our customers was saying that their SSIS Project with some complex “Data Flow Task”s with lots of Lookup Transformations was opening very slowly in BIDS (“Business Intelligence Development Studio”) or I don’t know if I should say “Visual Studio” … The very first thing that I check was “validation” part. As you know, […]

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  It has been reported by one of our customers that they have developed an SSIS package which needs to connect to an FTP Server on their internal network to download some files and take some data from the files to put it into some destination like a SQL Server table after doing some conversions/calculations […]

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