If you’ve read my previous blog post “Accessing Excel files on a x64 machine” and you loved our ACE OLEDB Provider, I want to let you know that we released “Access Database Engine 2010 Service Pack 1“. This update is also available in Windows Update. That means if you’ve already installed Access Database Engine 2010 and […]

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  Microsoft JET (Joint Engine Techonology) Database Engine is an implementation of JET Red and it should not be mixed with the JET Blue ESE (Extensible Storage Engine) which is the core of Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory. We had released the first versions of the JET OLE DB Provider and JET ODBC Drivers in […]

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“UDL Test” on a 64 bit machine Let’s say you’ve started playing with UDL files on your “32 bit” machine and this tiny little UDL files helped you to identify connectivity issues or you’ve easily obtained the OLE DB connection strings for your applications. So far so good. But one day, you followed the same procedure […]

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