Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available for download. MSDN subscribers can download the bits now. General availability will be on Thursday, March 10. Here are the links : Download Service Pack 1 (MSDN Subscribers) Thursday’s general availability download is here.

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In Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010, you’ve started developing your Data project and let’s say you’re designing your DataSets through Visual Studio’s nice DataSet Designer just by drag/dropping your entities (tables, views) into the designer , from “Server Explorer” that you connected to your SQL Server . If your entity is a “Table” […]

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  The Visual Studio is the primal IDE for developping .NET applications. Especially its debugging features makes it more powerful.  One of those feature is the “Visualizer”s. Visualizers are UI components to show the content of some complex objects when debugging. The best example is the built-in “DataSet Visualizer”. Let’s assume you put a breakpoint […]

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One of our customers was saying that their SSIS Project with some complex “Data Flow Task”s with lots of Lookup Transformations was opening very slowly in BIDS (“Business Intelligence Development Studio”) or I don’t know if I should say “Visual Studio” … The very first thing that I check was “validation” part. As you know, […]

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  If you had developed a VS 2005 project containing ADOX references on a Win XP machine and moved the project to a Vista machine, VS 2005 may not  access to ADOX reference. Then you’ll need  to use the “tlbimp.exe” (Type Library Importer) tool which is shipped with Visual Studio 2005 (full path is “\Microsoft […]

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