We had announced that you can try running Oracle software on Windows Azure as it was in “Preview” (Ref : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/farukcelik/archive/2013/10/16/we-re-happy-to-run-your-oracle-software-weblogic-oracle-database-java-in-our-public-cloud-windows-azure.aspx) . During the preview period, there has been no charge for the included Oracle licenses. If you have been running virtual machines based on these “license included” images, you have been charged only for […]

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I want to remind that we had announce a strategic partnership with Oracle a few months ago. It is about to run Oracle software like WebLogic, Oracle database, Java in Windows Azure. If you haven’t watched please check our CVP Brad Anderson’s keynote speech in Oracle’s OpenWorld conference held in San Francisco from here : […]

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As you know an SSIS package is an XML content regardless if you’re storing your SSIS package in file system (as a .dtsx file) or storing your SSIS package in MSDB (then your XML content inserted into sysdtspackages or sysdtspackages90 tables in MSDB) Of course this XML content has its own schema and the SSIS […]

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