If you hit to the 65.536 rows limitation in Excel  (97-2000) XLS file format, we have good news 🙂 As you know the 65.536 rows limit in an Excel sheet has been removed with Office 2007/2010 with the new Excel format XLSX. But SQL Server Reporting Services was lack of XLSX file export support. With […]

Read More → SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): Reporting Services in SQL Server 2012 (codename “Denali”) will support XLSX, DOCX formats. Bye bye 65536 rows limit in XLS files ;)

If you’ve read my previous blog post “Accessing Excel files on a x64 machine” and you loved our ACE OLEDB Provider, I want to let you know that we released “Access Database Engine 2010 Service Pack 1“. This update is also available in Windows Update. That means if you’ve already installed Access Database Engine 2010 and […]

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