We had announced that you can try running Oracle software on Windows Azure as it was in “Preview” (Ref : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/farukcelik/archive/2013/10/16/we-re-happy-to-run-your-oracle-software-weblogic-oracle-database-java-in-our-public-cloud-windows-azure.aspx) . During the preview period, there has been no charge for the included Oracle licenses. If you have been running virtual machines based on these “license included” images, you have been charged only for […]

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“Virtual Machines” in Windows Azure was in “Preview” for some time. As of today (16th of April, 2013) it is in GA (Generally Available) stage. You can refer to our Windows Azure product group’s blog post here for the details. If you want to see (with screenshots) check ScottGu’s blog post here . If you’re wondering which Microsoft […]

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